Deborah S.

At 65 years old, it’s not uncommon for healing of the extremities to be tediously slow. Last month, I had a skiing accident that landed me in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. The humerus bone was completely out of the socket for over three hours until the ER doctor could put it in place.

Afterwards, the doctor told me to see an orthopedist and keep the arm immobilized. He said it was very likely I’d have a “frozen shoulder” develop from the injury and might need surgery. Two days later, my arm still in a sling, I received treatment with the Magnesphere. Even though I was still rattled from the injury and hospital experience, I feel deeply asleep within the soothing field of the Magnesphere. Afterward, I also had a 20-minute Low Level LED Light Therapy treatment.

I had a second session a couple of days later. Within 13 days, I was back to work doing massage therapy with clients. My arm steadily improved as I continued with the infrared light therapy. The result has been impressive. Now, one month since the dislocation, I can barely feel that it was injured. I can sleep on the same side and have resumed all activities in my busy life. I have full range of motion. So far, the orthopedist keeps pushing back my initial appointment and I’m beginning to wonder if I need to go at all. A huge thank you to Natural Pain Treatment and Detox for researching and making available these cutting-edge technologies that can speed the healing process and restore normal functionality so quickly.

Deborah S.

published on Friday, February 1st, 2019