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NEW CLIENT SPECIAL One Time Intro Offer:

Experience Multiple Therapies at a Huge Savings!


ONE APPOINTMENT — $159 TOTAL ($300 Value)

• 2.5 hours of therapy with access to all therapies in Groups 1, 2, and 3



• 2.5 hours of therapy with access to all therapies in Groups 1, 2, and 3


Single Session Pricing: (Per Modality)



$110 EACH

•Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – mHBOT (60-minutes)
• HOCATT™ (All HOCATT™ Sessions are 30-minutes)
• Magnesphere (60-Minutes)
• Ondamed Biofeedback Therapy (30-45 minutes)
• True Rife Microcurrent Therapy (for sessions 60-minutes or longer)
• Liquid Beam Generator (LBG™) Lymphatic Therapy (60-minutes)
• Liquid Sound Table – Vibroacoustic Therapy with Chromotherapy (60-minutes)

Package of 5 – $450 ($100 Savings)


$60 EACH

• Magnesphere: (30-minutes)
• LBG™ Lymphatic Therapy: (30-minutes)
• True Rife Microcurrent Therapy (30-minutes)
• AMD Ion Cleanse Foot Detox (20-minutes)
• Liquid Sound Table – Vibroacoustic Therapy (30-minutes)
• Chromotherapy (30-minutes)

Package of 5 – $200 ($100 Savings)

Group 3 

$60 EACH

• Medsonix Acoustic Wave Therapy
• PEMF Therapy (30-minutes )
• LED Light Therapy (20-minutes)
• NormaTec Compression Therapy (30-minutes)
• Flexitouch Compression Therapy (30-minutes)
• Biomat Infrared Therapy (30-minutes)
• Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy (30-minutes)
• NanoVi Bio-Identical Signaling (30-minutes)

Package of 5 – $200 ($100 Savings)

Group 4 

$75 EACH or $375 for (2) F-SCANS and (3) Firefly Sessions

• Firefly Multispectrum Light Therapy (3-4 Sessions Recommended)
• F-SCAN: PATHOGEN/ PARASITE Testing  (average 2-3 scans for complete treatment as determined)

(F-SCAN & Firefly Treatments are billed separately and are not available in Group Packages)

Single Day Combined Therapies$175 Total ($300 Value)

  • 2.5 hours of therapy, access to therapies in groups 1, 2, and 3



Monthly Value Package – Details:


• 1-month: $579/month

• 3-month: $494/month

• (4) Appointments per Month: up to 2.5 hours per appointment and access to all therapies in Groups 1, 2, and 3
• In addition, you can make unlimited appointments for Group 3 Therapies (based on availabilities)
• Other therapies are 30% off single session pricing

Includes a FREE ONE DAY pass each month for a friend or family member to accompany you and experience the healing benefits of (3) therapies in Group 2 or 3 ($180 value).

All sessions are by appointment to ensure availability of therapies
• 1st month of value package is prepaid
• 2nd & 3rd months are auto-charged





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