About Us

MacKenzie Kalt

Owner/Director Natural Pain Treatment and Wellness.

My Story:

As a longtime Arizona resident and after spending many years enjoying the outdoors in the desert sun I developed basal cell carcinoma. After multiple (mohs) surgeries, I began researching non-surgical cancer alternatives. A few years later a reoccurring work-related injury also inspired me to explore alternative pain treatments for inflammation and nerve pain. After experiencing the many positive benefits of ozone, electromagnetic and infrared light therapies, I realized a ten-year ambition to open Natural Pain Treatment and Wellness.

Our Vision

Our goal at Natural Pain Treatment and Wellness is to provide a truly unique therapy center where clients are empowered to take back their health. This is a Wellness center where all concerns are heard and then integrated into a multilayered approach using many of the very best proven cutting-edge healing technologies in the world – all under one roof.

Side effects from prescription drugs, exposure to EMFS, mold, heavy metals, glyphosate, and toxins in our water, air, and food chain are causing a host of conditions on a scale we’ve never seen before in our lifetime:

*Diabetes cases are at an all-time high

*Cases of all types of Cancers are on the rise

*Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases are increasing

*Cases of children on the Autism Spectrum are skyrocketing

*Cases of Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity are at epidemic levels

*Autoimmune Disease, Epstein Barr and Chronic Fatigue are widespread

*Cases of Digestive Disorders, Crohn’s Disease and IBS are now becoming common

*Chronic pain in the forms of Osteoarthritis , Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia are rampant

*High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, Headaches , Brain Fog , and Insomnia fuel prescription drug sales

Many people suffering from these conditions are feeling incredibly frustrated and hopeless.

Far too often conditions are misdiagnosed and drugs are prescribed that merely mask symptoms and cause a host of side effects. These often take a toll on the brain, liver, heart, kidneys, and other vital organs while disrupting the body’s natural chemistry and ability to heal itself.

Therapies Used Successfully in Other Countries

For decades, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and many other countries have been treating pain, addiction, and disease very differently and have had great success using ozone therapy, hyperthermia, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), infrared therapy, rife therapy, molecular hydrogen therapy,  hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and photobiomodulation therapy. These are all safe, non-invasive, proven therapies. They reduce inflammation (the major source of pain) and boost the body’s ability to heal itself. They assist the lymphatic system and the body’s ability to expel toxins, heavy metals, and diseased cells while increasing oxygen flow in the blood and promoting new cellular growth.

After doing extensive research, I have done all these therapies at different times with exceptional results. Natural Pain Treatment and Wellness is the only location in the entire Southwest to offer all these amazing therapies in addition to many others. We are here to listen and help.

Advisory Board:

Lisa Sara Cohen MSW, MA

Dr. Jack Miller ND, CTN

Dr. Fred Cypert ND, PHD


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