Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology

The HOCATT™ is a natural pain treatment and wellness technology that combines multiple technologies into one modality focusing on the patient’s wellness, beauty, anti-aging, and enhancing overall performance. The HOCATT™ helps assist the body in rehabilitating after injury or chronic pain, while also improving athletic performance, and leaving the skin with a glow that makes each patient feel even more beautiful after just one session.

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Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology

The HOCATT™ uses a combination of modalities in one device in order to maximize results in shorter periods of time. There is no other modality like it on the market today; a truly innovative technology that is backed by both experts and doctors alike. The HOCATT™ combines the following therapies in one 30-minute session: hyperthermia therapy, far infrared therapy, carbonic acid therapy, ozone therapy, and specific microcurrent frequency therapy. This natural therapy mechanism is non-invasive and pain-free while offering immediate and lasting results.

What to expect during your HOCATT™ Therapy session.



The HOCATT™ is a natural therapeutic modality that will help minimize stress, toxins, and pain.

Whether it is your first session or your tenth, the HOCATT™ will continue to minimize the number of toxins in your body to help with weight loss and regulation, plaque build-up in the arteries, increased blood pressure, cellulite, tiredness, and so much more. This modality is truly one of a kind and has proven to help those suffering from chronic illness.


Feel better mentally and physically when you choose to rejuvenate your health with the HOCATT.

The HOCATT™ modality is capsule that immerses the body using steam, Ozone, Far Infrared Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Carbonic Acid to improve overall health and wellness. When using the HOCATT™ you will notice improvements in your mental health, energy level, skin, immune system, metabolism, recovery, blood pressure, and much more.


How would you like to prevent life threatening illness and disease without using drugs?

When used consistently, the HOCATT™ can transform the body and mind in amazing ways. Prevention is the key to a lifetime of health and happiness. This modality can detoxify the body, helping you get back to a place of good health, high energy, less stress and anxieties, rid the body of pain, and prevent future illness with just 30 minute sessions.

One Step Closer to a Healthier Lifestyle

Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy

Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for everyone. No matter how old you are, it is important to take your physical and mental health seriously and provide the body with natural remedies to heal so that it can function properly. The HOCATT™ is the only device on the market that offers so many therapeutic treatments in one modality. Try a session with the HOCATT™ today and see how much better you feel in just 30 minutes. If sessions are scheduled consecutively, the health improvements will be undeniable.

Benefits to using the HOCATT™

  • More youthful appearance
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Increase in energy and decrease in overall tiredness throughout the day
  • Weight loss and elimination of cellulite
  • Regulating and maintaining of a healthy weight
  • Faster recovery after athletics and injury due to sport
  • Improve heart health
  • Increased circulation, white blood cells, and stem cells
  • Boosts the immune system to fight off illness and disease
  • Deactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, and protozoa


FAQs about HOCATT™

Q: Is this device safe?

A: Yes! each technology used within the HOCATT™ modality is meant for natural pain treatment and wellness. It is electrical safety certified, bearing CE approval.

Q: How do I know if I am a good candidate for this modality/ natural form of therapy?

A: There are few restrictions which would stop anyone from being a candidate for this form of natural pain therapy. Whether you are looking to help treat a chronic illness or disease, or are trying to maintain your health and wellness, the HOCATT™ is the perfect modality for you. It is always important to consult with your doctor beforehand to ensure that they understand and agree with your desire to use the modality as another form of treatment and maintenance of your current health.

Q: How long are the sessions and how many session do I need to see results?

A: We offer 30 minute sessions and although every individual has a unique situation and will require a different volume of sessions, we always suggest 2-3 sessions per week using the HOCATT™ to start out. Some results may be instant while other may require more time utilizing the naturopathic technologies of the device.

Q: What is Ozone?

A: ozone is enhanced oxygen with an additional oxygen molecule so instead of O2 it is O3.

Q: I know that the HOCATT™ uses steam, what if the steam gets too hot for me?

A: The temperature can always be lowered or you can choose to stop the session altogether if you get too hot at any point. We want this experience to be completely comfortable for you, which is why all components to the HOCATT™ can be adjusted to your particular liking.

Q: What are the contraindications for HOCATT™?

A: For all therapy methods if you have Thyrotoxicosis, G6PD deficiency, organ transplant patients taking immune suppression medications, should not use the HOCATT™. For Ozone therapy, you should not use the HOCATT™ if you have Porphyria, Vitiligo, or are in your first trimester of pregnancy. For CO2 therapy, you should not use HOCATT™ if you have been diagnosed with hypotension. The steam component should not be used by patients with the following: recent heart attack, is in her first trimester of pregnancy, has hypotension, elevated blood alcohol or drug levels, active bleeding, fever, or is currently menstruating.

Q: Do I have to do all therapies at once?

A: No! You can select which of the 4 therapies you would like to do and during your session, you can always turn different therapies on and off if needed.